Outdoor Chalkboard : CP-OBB


Our Outdoor Chalkboard or blackboard is often used as part of a larger installation such as the Sleeper Classroom as part of the teaching provision.

It is, however, a product that can be placed anywhere in the outside play area and be put to good use by children as they play.

It is made from from HDPE to provide a hard-wearing surface that is weather-proof,  and unlike more traditional chalkboards, this product can be left outside permanently.

HDPE is also UV stabilized for fade resistant outdoor use, will not rot, delaminate, splinter or crack. It is also stain and graffiti resistant for easy cleaning, moisture and chemical resistant, requires no painting, has high impact resistance and is recyclable and non toxic.

There are three options for the Outdoor Chalkboard:

Wall Mounted

Size: 800 x 595mm x 12mm

Wall Mounted with Timber Frame

Size: 900 x 700mm x 12mm including timber frame

Freestanding with Timber Posts

2 x 10cmØ, quarter-sawn posts fitted with Postsaver sleeves to extend the life of the timber posts by preventing rot at the ground line.

We also have an Outdoor Mirror.

Getting children outside has so many benefits and it is our pleasure to be able to help you to do this.

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1 x HDPE chalkboard


We are unable to offer online ordering of this product.

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