Playground Markings : SUR-MKG


Fun and educational Playground Markings are becoming a standard feature in playgrounds across the country.

Playground markings offer a cost effective way to transform your outdoor play area into a colourful and stimulating play environment. The resulting surfacing is hard wearing, durable and non-slip as well as requiring little to no maintenance.

Playground markings are an ideal opportunity to help children learn whilst they play. Maths, alphabet and social skills are some of our playground markings that are designed to help develop the young minds. Using play to help children learn is a great way to make maths more fun and help them remember maths and literacy skills at a young age.

Educational playground markings can be used on their own or part of a larger markings installation and are a great way of using empty space in the playground for play and learning.

We are able to provide playground markings as required. There are a wide range of designs available which can be distributed quickly. The range of markings include alphabets, planets, maps, colours, shapes, compasses and clocks.

Please note that the installation of playground markings can only be done in dry weather and temperatures that are not too cold.

Bespoke logos & Road Markings
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Provided your design uses only solid colours we can recreate almost anything you could think of.

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