Robinia Agility Trail :


We offer a selection of products as part of our Robinia Agility Trail.

Children enjoy the challenge of moving along the trail and each product presents a different challenge,

Balance, coordination, upper body strength, and teamwork are just a few of the skills that are developed.

Take a look at our gallery images here to see a selection of our agility trail items.

Due to the nature of the Robinia wood – each product is unique. Robinia is a hard wood, with a greater density than oak, and therefore requires no pressure treatment making it ideal for producing playground equipment. Robinia timber retains the natural shape of the tree, so it blends well with the natural environment. The dense nature of the wood makes it difficult to cut or burn. It is also not chemically treated which makes it suitable for sites with a high water table as the timber contains no preservative chemicals.


a selection of agility trail products constructed from robinia timber


sizes vary