Sleeper Bench : CP-SB(C)


The solid Sleeper Bench is a heavy duty block bench constructed from a single heart-sawn European softwood sleeper.

This is a lovely solid bench that will look good and offer a welcome rest in all sorts of settings.

It is concreted into the ground as standard with Postsaver Sleeves or bitumen paint to preserve the sections below the ground.

Various lengths are available although the standard length is 1.2m, the height can also be altered depending on requirements.

Prices (Ex VAT) as follows per individual bench:

CP-SB 1.2m Sleeper Bench – 1.2m  £235.00

CP-SB 1.8m Sleeper Bench – 1.8m  £275.00

CP-SB 2.4m Sleeper Bench – 2.4m  £315.00

Various configurations of benches are available as shown in the image gallery section – either as a mini maze or as a mini amphitheater. Prices will vary according to the configuration and the total amount and lengths of benches used.

Contact for further information on costs, delivery and installation.


1 x European softwood bench


length: 1.2m

width: 250mm

height: 400 - 550mm