Square Sandpit : CP-SQS


The large square sandpit is constructed using 200 x 100 x 2.4m landscape sleepers, UC4 pressure treated, laid, and secured with overlapping joints and interlocking corners. The top surface is planned with eased corners and C24 graded 145 x 45mm timber providing a top cap and side seat.

Internal pegs are fitted to secure the position and shape with all timbers being bolted together.

The internal timber surfaces and ground surface are covered with geo-textile fabric, allowing drainage but restricting mud.

A 150cm Ø central post is installed to support a 50mm mesh cover net. This post can be with, or without a cover disc to add play value and spread the load of the mesh net if required.

The square sandpit is infilled with approximately 7 tonnes of washed white sand.

Any waste soil that is dug out to level the structure is laid against the outer edge of the sandpit.

Two small timber steps can be fitted to allow easier access for smaller children.


landscape sleepers 200 x 100 x 2.4m

C24 graded 145 x 45mm timbers

50mm mesh cover net

Quality fixtured and fittings


length 3.6m

width 3.6m

height 0.45m