Staging : CP-BWS


Staging offers a space for children to stretch their imagination and also provides the opportunity for more structured use of the playground as part of the bringing teaching outdoors. All our staging is bespoke and created taking into account the requirements, space available and budget of the school or nursery provision.


However, children of all ages also need a lot of time for unstructured, child-directed, imaginative play and staging is a blank canvas for children in their creative development – they enjoy using the steps and the large elevated area as part of their imaginative play.


Staged structures can be built in any available space  – please see the gallery images for some ideas. The structure can be triangular, rectangular and have as many layers as required.


Large upright timbers can be added which will be able to have a camouflage net or other sun and wind shields attached to them.


We will come out and do a site visit to help you decide the best area, size and configuration for your needs.


Our sales team will be happy to come up with ideas to make the best use of the size and shape of the playground space. Email or call 01577 840570.


timber staging created from pressure treated timbers


sizes will vary as required