Table Tennis Unit : CP-TTU


The Table Tennis Unit is a very solid, extremely heavy product that does not need to be concreted into the ground.

The table top is made of high-quality decorative grey concrete aggregate which has been polished and lacquered. The green surface in the images can be supplied on request.

If there was ever a game that could include many people and be relatively easy to pick up then that game is table tennis. By placing this table outdoors the you people are also encouraged to do activities outside which is beneficial for their health and well-being.

The net is made of fine steel and the edges of the top are trimmed with steel.

This product has been created to withstand all weather conditions and is made to last.

From £2,705.00


polished high quality concrete aggregate

stainless and galvanised steel fixtures and fittings


length: 2.74m

width: 1.52m

height: 76 cm