Vault : CP-VLT(C)


The Vault is a 3.0m long 12cm Ø timber set at 0.95 m at one end and 0.45 at the other end.

The crossbeam is cut in and bolted to the top of the uprights for extra strength.


The safety area required around this product is 5.97m x 3.12m which calculates to a safety surfacing requirement of 17m².

Suitable for users measuring at least 1.40m in height due to the heights of the vaulting bar. The free fall height of this unit is 1.0m.


The Vault is an excellent transitional unit in an agility trail as the user can keep going along it and not lose momentum.

This unit allows users to test their abilities and see progress as they learn to vault further along the pole at a greater height.


Quality pressure-treated wax-impregnated timber 12cm Ø

Steel fixtures and fittings


3m long pole

0.95m high