Wooden Tidy Sandpit : WTS


The Wooden Tidy Sandpit is one of our best selling products.

The unique design includes a hinged lid which folds back on either side to form two bench seats. The lid-seat is slatted, so it is light and easy for children to handle. This system means that there is no top cover left lying on the grass and when the sandpit is not in use the lid is put down hiding the toys and keeping visiting animals out.

Little children love sitting on the small fold down seats as they play in the sand.

The Wooden Tidy Sandpit is made of oiled Siberian Larch timber. The liner can be secured to the inside of the sandpit using staples.

The liner is water permeable and sits directly on to the ground so that water can flow through it. This prevents puddles of water from forming in the sandpit and allows the sand to be cleaned naturally by rain water. The sand can then also dry out naturally. So order today and fill with sand and a few toys and let the fun begin!

(We’ve found that a few toy solders or farm animals can create a whole new imaginary landscape in the sand as they play!)


The lid overlaps the base by approximately 2.5cm, forming a watershed. The frame and lid are delivered part assembled as a flat pack requiring further self assembly. Full assembly instructions are supplied. The assembly instructions are easy to follow however should you need some help then please call the office on 01577 840570 or email info@caledoniaplay.com and we will give further guidance.

A separate PVC green or red cover can be bought for the Wooden Tidy Sandpit if required.

Sand is not supplied. We suggest 4 to 6 (20kg) bags. This can be obtained as play sand from a toy store or as white washed sand from a builders merchant.


“Thanks so much for our sandpit. We absolutely love it and are really pleased with the quality, the size, the design and how fair priced it was. I was also really impressed with your communication and sending build info ahead of arrival. I would strongly recommend your company to others looking for play items.” Rebecca via Email


Please note: if you are looking to buy a Wooden Tidy Sandpit for your School or Nursery then please see our Wooden Tidy Sandpit with Sliding Lid which has been specially adapted to conform to the standard required in educational establishments.







oiled Siberian Larch timber

plastic semi-permeable liner


Length: 1.25m | Width: 1.25m | Height: 0.2m

Liner: 1.50m | Width: 1.50m 

Weight: 38 kg

Footprint DOM WTS sandpit

Please note: dimensions are approximate and for guidance only.