Swings seats – useful information

Choosing swing seats for your play equipment is simple and straightforward.

All our swing frames come with the swing points already fitted ready for you to add the swing seat of your choice.

There are two types of swing point; double swing point or single swing point.

All of our swing sets have double swing points and the extension poles generally have single swing points.



The following swing seats require double swing points.

  • Wooden Swing Seat No 1
  • Sling Swing Seat No 2
  • Deluxe Rubber Swing Seat No 3
  • Horizontal Tyre No 7
  • Toddler Swing Seat No 11
  • Baby High Back Seat No 12
  • Rings No 16
  • Trapeze Bar No 12
  • Trapeze Bar and Rings No 23
  • Climbing Rope No 25
  • Rope Ladder No 26
  • Four Sided Rope Ladder No 26-4
  • Black Hammock Seat SHS

The Push Me Pull You PMPY can also be fitted onto the central section of the frames or onto any of the extensions of the larger Swing Frames with net Frames such as the TFNX.

All of the following swing seats require a single swing point and fit on any of the extensions on either the swing frame or net frame :

  • Monkey Button No 44
  • Vertical Tyre No 10
  • Climbing Rope No 25
  • Hammock Seat SHS
  • Twizzler No 45

Our swing points are made of galvanised steel. For further information on choosing swing seats please email us or give us a call on 01577 840570.

To view our selection of swing seats follow this link.


Are the products suitable for adults to use?

Our products have been designed for all ages of children to use however we are happy and confident that our Swing Frames, with their 12cm diameter top poles and high quality fully through swing points, can carry a combined weight of 200kgs, so usable by the whole family. We believe that a good quality timber play set is an investment and should be enjoyed and used by children as they grow into teens and adult hood.   

For the individual swing seats, maximum weights are advised by the manufactures and vary according to seat type. With the exception of the Basket Swing the maximum advised weight for our Garden Range Swing Seats is 70kgs (roughly 11 stones).

The following swing seats are most commonly chosen for adult use.

Wooden Swing Seat

Although this product has been designed for children to use it is also suitable and regularly bought for adult use.

The manufacturers recommended maximum weight is about 70kg – approximately 11st

Deluxe Rubber Swing Seat

Often thought to be more comfortable than a wooden seat and the soft surface also adds more grip.

The manufacturers recommended maximum weight is about 70kg – approximately 11st