Artificial Grass : SUR-ARG(E)


Our Artificial grass for playgrounds gives an easy to care for surface with the softness, colour and bounce of real grass. It is porous and drains like real grass.

It can be laid on sloping surfaces including soil, turf, concrete, tarmac and paving.

Artificial Grass is available with a shock absorbent under layer which is designed for use under play equipment to provide fall height protection for children children certified to BS EN 1177:2008.

We recommend using a shock absorbent surfacing under artificial grass at all times.

Some nurseries enjoy the properties of artificial grass in their outdoor play provision as it creates a cleaner surface for children to crawl and walk on and reduces the chance of mud messing up their clothes if that is your preference.

An alternative to Artificial Grass is Wetpour which is a bonded rubber surface. Wetpour can be placed on existing tarmac or concrete surfaces and if used wisely Wetpour rubber can be used to create shapes and patterns that children can use as part of their outdoor learning experience.

To order some Artificial Grass or to speak to our sales team to see what else we have that would be suitable surfacing for your outdoor space please email or call the office on 01577 840570.


soft synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass on a mesh background


sizes vary