Wet Pour – bonded rubber : SUR-WTP(E)


Wet Pour – bonded rubber for playgrounds – can be placed on existing tarmac or concrete surfaces.

Many colours are available and tailor-made patterns can be created around specific products in the play area.

Used wisely bonded rubber can be used to create shapes and patterns that children can use as part of their outdoor learning experience.

It can be difficult to install but it will last for many years and requires little to no maintenance.

By using Wet Pour – bonded rubber for playgrounds, the outdoor learning experience can be enhanced and children will learn without even realising it. If you create a large map of the world they will learn where the countries and continents are – if you have alphabets they will integrate letters into their play. The possibilities are endless.

Small scale road markings creating crossing points, roundabouts and parking areas are great fun for the young people as they pretend to be real road users however it lso teaches the basic rules of keeping to the left, not crossing the white lines and general road use etiquette.

If you would like some suggestions on how to create the best outdoor learning environment for your school or nursery by using wetpour bonded rubber then contact sales@caledoniaplay.com or call us on 01577 840570.



bonded rubber surfacing


any size of area can be covered as required

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