Imaginative Play Zone :


We can create an Imaginative Play Zone for your school or nursery to enhance the outdoor play area and entice children to be outside as much as possible.

Children need to play.

Imaginative and physical play is significant for their development, health and wellness. When engaged in imaginative play a child has control over what happens, what is used and what the outcome may be.

Pretend and imaginative play is done knowingly and intentionally and allows a child to practise decision-making skills without judgement or assessment. Playing is deliberate and pretending and imagining is a mental state that allows children to explore, expand and question. Where more than one child is involved, imaginative play encourages social communication.

By combining various interesting elements we can help create an exciting outdoor play area to extend their imaginary worlds. We will make a site visit and work closely with you in order to design and build an outdoor space exactly to fit the space available and to your requirements.

A selection of planters immediately bring colour and life to an outdoor space and children can be encouraged to grow and nurture plants themselves.

Take a look at the images in this gallery for inspiration. We can work with existing logs, tyres and other elements that you may already have or have had donated to your organisation or school. We enjoy thinking creatively and will do our best to make your ideas become a reality. We will always ensure that any equipment we create and install is safe for the young people to use.

Maybe start with a climbing wall or play house and add elements to the side and around it. We encourage children to climb over, under or through the various elements.

We will also be happy to advise and install safety surfacing as required. Why not add fun and educational Playground Markings when the safety surfacing is installed? Contact our sales team on for more information or call the office on 01577 840570 to speak to one of our advisors.




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