Ground Anchor – Screw : No 36


This ground anchor can be used to help secure swing frames to the ground if required. Our products are heavy duty and generally do not need to be anchored down. Using a ground anchor is only advised on single swing frames – use two on opposite corners – or in cases where the product is used by young adults or children who are likely to be swinging extremely hard.


To use simply twist it into the ground until the eye at the top of the anchor is level with the bottom of the post and screw in using the screw and washer provided.


Our Ground Anchors are sold individually.


This product is made of galvanised steel, will not rust, and can be re-used if necessary.


We also have a Twist Lock Ground Anchor available which will help keep swing frames fixed to the ground in heavy wind conditions or if somebody swings exceptionally hard.


For a helpful guide on installing ground anchors click here.


For further information about using our ground anchors and if you really will need them for the type of use that your swing set will be getting please call the office on 01577 840570 or email and one of our sales team will be happy to advise and put your mind at ease.



galvanised steel ground anchor

screw and washer


50cm long

10cm circular section