Ground Anchor – Twist Lock : P-TER


The Twist Lock Ground Anchor will help keep swing frames fixed to the ground in heavy wind conditions or if somebody swings exceptionally hard.

Our products are robust and heavy and generally do not need to be anchored down. Using a ground anchor is only advised on single swing frames – use two on opposite corners – or in cases where the product is used by young adults or children who are swinging extremely hard.

These twist lock ground anchors are easy to install, easy to remove and can be re-used. They drive down into position on their own helix and twist themselves into the ground.

We also have a Screw Ground Anchor available which twists into the ground until the eye at the top of the anchor is level with the bottom of the post and screwed in using the screw and washer provided.

Our Ground Anchors are sold individually so you can buy as many or as few as you need.



steel ground anchor

screws and washers


75cm x 4cm