MagPost – Portable : MP-0.3


The Portable MagPost incorporates a scientific quality 5x magnifying glass on a hardwood post. Small objects such as feathers, leaves, bones and even small insects can be placed under the magnifying glass and examined in close detail. Do make sure that any mini beasts are handled carefully and replaced where they were found. This is part of teaching children not only about the structure and anatomy of small insects but also to respect them and to learn to treat them with care.

This version of our popular MagPost weighs approximately 2.5kg and is fully portable.

It is a scientific quality magnifying lens set on top of a hardwood post and can be used anywhere.

This is a commercial standard product and is also supplied to schools and nurseries so it is made to have a lot of use and to last.

This product is also available in two other sizes: Small and Large.


1 x Robinia timber post

5 x scientific quality magnifying lens

all screws have anti-vandal square drive head screws


height: 30cm

lens mount size:10 x 10cm

weight: 2.5kg