Parallel Wires : CP-PW(E)


The Parallel Wires for schools are a low and a high wire fixed between two upright poles.

Most commonly placed in between other agility trail items, this product is also available back to back in zigzag combination.

We suggest laying grass safety mats, if on grass, at key footfall points to reduce ground erosion and are happy to advise on this.

Constructed from high quality pressure treated timbers this product is robust and made to last. All the upright poles have protective Postsaver sleeves on sections that are below the ground to help preserve the timber and are concreted into the ground.

Another similar product are the Floating Steps. Small timber planks are suspended between two large upright timber poles using metal chains. A high rope has been placed to help with balance. It encourages children and young adults to test their physical coordination as the traverse along the steps. The steps are not set particularly high off the ground so they are not likely to exclude anyone from having a go.

Or take a look at our Cross Wires? Three, heavy-duty steel-cored nylon wires suspended between upright timbers with a top pole for extra strength. Two of the wires make a cross formation and the third wire is suspended lower down.

For more information on the Parallel Wires for schools or any of the other products mentioned then contact our sales team on or phone the office on 01577 840570.



pressure-treated and wax-impregnated 14cm diameter timbers

high quality steel-cored multi-strand nylon ropes

steel fixtures and fittings


length: 3.0m

height: 2.2m