Robinia Flying Fox : RB-18


Our Robinia Flying Fox is a dynamic and fun play item and perfect for large open play areas.

Our flying foxes are available in a range of lengths from 20 to 40m.

We build a starting ramp for level sites and a compression spring system at the finish to ensure a safe, controlled ride to the end.

Robinia is a hard wood, with a greater density than oak, and therefore requires no pressure treatment making it ideal for producing playground equipment. The timber retains the natural shape of the tree, so it blends well with the natural environment. Every piece of equipment created from Robinia wood is individual. The dense nature of the wood makes it difficult to cut or burn making it more vandal-proof than many other types of timber play products.

The main cross beams are metal and have a winch cable tensioner which ensures that the wire can be tightened as needed – the wire will stretch with use.

The carriage is made with stainless steel with nylon roller so will not rust, it is enclosed so it will not blow or fall off the cable.

We can advise on the best safety surfacing for your play area.

Robinia timber is not chemically treated making it particularly suitable for sites with a high water table as the timber contains no preservative chemicals.

We also have a flying fox system constructed from pressure treated wax impregnated timbers – view the product listing here.


quality robinia timbers

quality fixtures and fittings

stainless steel carriage with nylon rollers


cable length is either 25.0m or 31.0m