Somersault Bars : K-45-3(E)


The Somersault Bars for schools and nurseries are a set of three interconnected horizontal bars of different heights and have been a classic playground item for many years. Many teachers will remember playing on somersault bars as children and knowing that even though the product is relatively simple structurally, there is a lot of fun to be had.

The Somersault Bars for schools and nurseries develop upper body strength and coordination. Set at three heights this product suits school and nursery aged children of all ages.

Use as part of a school agility trail whether it is in the school playing field or woodland area. Alternatively place in the middle of the play area with rubber safety surfacing where the play item will be accessible even if the weather is bad and the playing fields are wet and muddy.

This product is constructed from 12cm round timbers with galvanised steel feet attached and concreted into the ground.

We will deliver and install this product for you and make sure that you have adequate safety surfacing as required.

The upright poles are made from quarter sawn timber which has been pressure treated and impregnated with wax. The timbers have a smooth, sanded and natural finish that look great and are made to last.

The Somersault Bars are available in various sizes:

K-45 – Somersault Bar – lean to £380.00

K-45-1 – Somersault Bar – single £440.00

K-45-2 – Somersault Bar – double £645.00

K-45-3 – Somersault Bar – triple £860.00

Also available as Chin-Up Bar and Somersault Combinations as follows:

CP-CBR Chin Up Bar – lean to £415.00

CP-CBR/1 Chin Up Bar – single £545.00

CP-CBR/2 Chin Up Bar – double £855.00

CP-CBR/3 Chin Up Bar – triple £995.00

Combination – pair (Somersault and Chin Up Bar) K-45/CBR £925.00

Combination – triple (Somersault and Chin Up Bar x 2) K-45/CBR/2 £1240.00

Combination – triple (Somersault x 2 and Chin Up Bar) K-45/2/CBR £1110.00


We suggest grass safety mats at key points around this product to help prevent ground erosion.

Contact the office on 01577 840570 or email for more detailed information on delivery and installation.



12cm diameter pressure treated round timbers with galvanised steel ground extensions

stainless steel cross bars

bolts are capped or counter sunk into the timber


The unit is 4.08m long with 3 x 1.2m bars fitted at 1.04m, 1.14m and 1.24m heights.

Upright timbers are set at 1.14m, 1.24m and 1.34m heights.