case study header image Bramble Cottage Commercial Play

Bramble Cottage, West Lothian

Fact File

Services Provided

Caledonia Play installed the following structures:

Double Activity Tower including a single roof with a connecting net bridge and a barrel tunnel bridge.

A set of solid steps, open scramble net and a vertical climbing wall provides access with 3.0m fibre glass slide as the exit.
The tower unit was able to fit into the space without any need to change the roof space or roof trusses.

Log Maze Stack -  a combination of machine rounded poles secured in a seemingly random manner with interlinking nets and ropes. 3 vertical poles with bitumen sleeves support 3 balance beam sections, 1 jungle pole ladders, 1 horizontal scramble nets and 3 traversing ropes. Overall size is 2.6 x 4.5m.

Traversing Wall positioned along the north wall of the building.
The structure is 4.8m x 2.1m high with maximum height of lower rock grips 0.5m.

Suitable safety spacing was allowed around the individual items of equipment, a minimum of 1.5m from all points of the equipment except at the end of the slide where the clearance is 2.0m.

All the products conform to the current European Safety Standards, EN-1176.

The safety surfacing is rubber tiles with artificial grass on the top to make the space appear more fun and with an outdoor look.

Budget: undisclosed

Bramble Cottage is an indoor play area situated in West Lothian. The business was created by experienced child care practitioners, Jillian and Joanna, who had decided to create an indoor play area after they both found that there were limitations to activities in the local community.

There were two main driving factors that they were looking to respond to.
1. The lack of suitable play areas with accessibility for those with additional needs.
2. Issues with safety, bullying, weather and accessibility at public swing parks.

The resulting indoor play area is based around a framework of social skills learning through imaginary play and is suitable for children aged 0-12 and of all abilities. It is open all year round as it is not affected by weather conditions.

Jillian and Joanne designed and decorated the walls and ceilings themselves paying particular attention to detail in order to make Bramble Cottage a sensory experience. The result is a charming and home-spun look that offers a safe and homely feel to the play area.

The clients were happy with the quality and play value offered by the equipment and the play area received a good response from visitors.