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Dalmahoy Country Club

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Services Provided

Double Multi Activity Tower Unit (K-72)
The structure is made up of 2 towers, one with a roof.
The towers are connected by a V Rope Bridge between the upper decks.
Access to upper decks is via three separate elements: a set of solid steps, a vertical climbing wall and a cargo net.
Exit from the towers is via a 3.0m fibre glass slide.
Timber legs are fitted with metal extension legs.
This product is designed to be suitable for children between 5-14 years old.

Log Maze Climber (CP-TMC2)
The Log Maze Climber is a combination of machine-rounded poles that are secured in a seemingly random manner with interlinking nets and ropes. This makes a different type of climbing unit which is challenging to older children but also suitable for younger children.

Each of the 3 vertical poles that are secured into the ground, has a heat-sealed bitumen sleeve fitted at ground level restricting moisture affecting the timber and delaying rot.

The Maze has 3 balance beam sections, a pole ladder, a horizontal scramble net and 3 traversing ropes.

Basket Swing
This has a timber frame constructed with 10cm diameter machine-rounded legs that are fitted with heat-sealed bitumen sleeves and extend into the ground.
The legs support a top swing beam of 14cm diameter.
The all black 1.2m basket swing is supported by cast stainless universal swing joints with washer plates and safety chains.
The basket is designed to carry up to a tonne and is certificated for people with additional support needs.

Safety Surfacing
Grass Safety Mats were placed under and around key areas around all the play equipment. The grass grows through the mats so that they are no longer visible but are still minimising the risk of injury and preventing erosion at key areas around the equipment.

Post Installation Inspection
We provided an independent and unbiased inspection by an RPII-qualified inspector.
A fully comprehensive written safety and maintenance report was also be provided with full photographic documentation and a list of recommended actions, as required, to ensure the site continues to conform to EN1176 and EN1177.
This documentation accompanied the Handover Pack.

Services provided by client
Access to water supply.
Clear access and parking for the delivery vehicles.
Access into the area at any point in the working day.
Responsibility of the client to ensure children and the public are kept clear of the equipment and the working area.
Ability to leave on-site waste and topsoil.

Budget: undisclosed Download Case Study

The four-star Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club is impressively situated in 1,000 acres of parkland with spectacular views to Edinburgh Castle and the Forth Bridges.

The objective
To create a play area enabling the hotel to be more family-friendly and not only appeal to golfers, by providing a facility that would, in turn, encourage increased dwell time and use in the restaurant.

In order not to distract from the views to and from the building, we recommended that the play area was positioned towards the trees on the north east side of the building, near the pitch and putt.

There it would still be in sight of the people in the restaurant but not too close to the building. The use of timber products would allow the play equipment to blend in with the natural setting.

The clients were looking for play equipment that would provide a range of activities for a broad age range and mix of abilities. They were keen to offer something different to the average park and school playground, thus providing a unique asset to the hotel and increase the draw for visitors.


  • Dalmahoy Country Club - a beautiful setting
    Dalmahoy Country Club - a beautiful setting
  • The area to be developed
    The area to be developed
  • Log Maze Climber
    Log Maze Climber
  • Double Tower
    Double Tower
  • Rope Net Bridge on Double Tower
    Rope Net Bridge on Double Tower
  • Children enjoying the Log maze Climber
    Children enjoying the Log maze Climber
  • Log Maze Climber
    Log Maze Climber
  • Basket Swing
    Basket Swing