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Scottish Deer Centre – Fife

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Services Provided

Caledonia Play installed the following:

Flying Fox
We installed a Flying Fox System incorporated existing features by building a starting platform and ramp around a large tree. With a compression spring system at the end of the cable, we ensured a safe and controlled ride from start to finish.

Constructed from timber, the Flying Fox platforms blend well with the woodland environment and are complemented by the loose bark safety surfacing. The timbers are pressure-treated and are fitted with galvanised metal extension legs, which are concreted into the ground. The metal cross beams have a tensioning winch meaning that the cable can be tightened as needed - over time the cable can stretch with use. The carriage is made of stainless steel with a nylon roller that won’t rust, and the whole unit is enclosed so it will not fall off the cable.

Log Maze Climber
The Log Maze Climber is a combination of machine rounded poles that are secured in a seemingly random manner with interlinking nets and ropes making a unique type of climbing unit.

This product is the Log Maze Climber 4 (CP-TMC-4) has four vertical poles supporting the following:

3 x balance beam sections
3 x jungle pole ladders
3 x horizontal scramble nets
2 x vertical climbing panels
6 x traversing/parallel ropes

Bitumen Postsaver sleeves are fitted to the vertical poles – they prevent the timber rotting at the point where it enters the ground.

Caledonia Play advised on continued safety and maintenance of the play equipment.

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The Scottish Deer Centre is an award winning visitor attraction located near Cupar in Fife.

Their collection includes 12 species of Deer and other animals which are long lost from the Scottish countryside including Wolves, Lynx and Scottish Wildcat and European Brown Bear.

They are open all year round with daily feeding talks, tours, falconry shows and play areas both inside and out for our younger visitors.

The management decided to upgrade their existing play area and we were pleased to be involved in this project.

The result

By working with an existing tree we were able to install an exciting Flying Fox System which runs through the trees.

We also installed a Log Maze Climber which is a unique all-in-one climbing frame constructed from a combinations of large pieces of timbers and high quality netting.

The completed outdoor play area offers a mix of speed and climbing. The Log Maze Climber also encourages role play and imaginative play.


  • Flying Fox System starting platform built around an established tree
    Flying Fox System starting platform built around an established tree
  • Flying Fox System
    Flying Fox System
  • Flying Fox System
    Flying Fox System
  • Log Maze Climber
    Log Maze Climber
  • Log Maze Climber
    Log Maze Climber