Single Swing Frame with Net Frame : SFN


The Single Swing Frame with Net Frame is a swing frame with a ladder and net frame attached on one side.

This product is robust and solid. As part of our commitment to the environment, all timbers are from sustainably-managed forests. We use machine-rounded, dense, Northern European softwoods that have been pressure-treated and waxed for durability.

It comes with one set of double swing points to allow for a swing to be chosen at the appropriate level required to suit the age and ability of the person using it.

The swing seat is purchased separately. Our swing seats have been designed for children to use, although some are also suitable for adult use.  However please note that the swing seat manufacturers recommended maximum weight is 70kg – approximately 11st. We use 12mm thick polyhemp ropes that are natural looking, soft to touch and long lasting, treated to prevent rotting and degrading in sunlight.

We have a large selection of swing seats to choose from. The following swing seats have two swing points and can therefore be fitted to the Single Swing Frame with Net Frame.

Wooden Swing Seat No 1

Sling Swing Seat No 2

Deluxe Rubber Swing Seat No 3

Horizontal Tyre No 7

Toddler Swing Seat No 11

Baby High Back Seat No 12

Rings No 16

Trapeze Bar No 12

Trapeze Bar and Rings No 23

Rope Ladder No 26

Box Rope Ladder No 26-4

Black Hammock Seat SHS

The Single Swing Frame with Net Frame is extremely robust and does not require ground anchors.

This product is ideal for smaller gardens due to the smaller footprint that it takes up.

If you would like instructions on how to fit the cargo net to the net frame then click here.

We recommend one or two grass safety mats – under the swing to prevent ground erosion.

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Six 10cm diameter legs support a 12cm diameter top swing pole.

Top pole secured with 17mm timber bolts and 13mm timber bolts are used at all other points, - located into pre-drilled recessed holes.

2.5m spread between the 10cm diameter legs – very stable.

8cm diagonal bracing bars have 2 fixing points at end of the bar

Hemp rope net 1.2m wide x 3.0m and ladder 1.0m wide

The play frame can be changed to have either 2 nets or 2 ladder sets.

All swing pivot points are fixed through 12cm top swing pole, locked with twin locking nuts.

All steps are 6cm diameter and positioned 28cm apart and have red safety bushes between the rungs and ladder sides, (frame legs)

All the timbers have been pressure treated and impregnated with wax, providing a more repellent surface so reducing water absorption and delaying future rotting of the timber.

Due to the size of the A-frame legs they are able to partially compensate for uneven ground or slight slopes

Assembled size: 2.5 long 2.5m wide x 2.6m high


Length: 2.5m | Width: 2.5m | Height: 2.6m

We recommend 1.5m clearance around the product with 2.0m clearance in front of and behind the swings.