Grass Safety Mat : PSM


Our Grass Safety Mats have a number of functions.


Firstly, the rubber mats help minimise the risk of injury should a child fall off any of our pieces of play equipment.


(Children trip and fall all the time – it is part of learning and growing up – however it’s nice to know that some of the falls that might have led to a more serious injury might just end up being a bump or a bruise and the child can carry on playing.)


Secondly, the mats will help minimise ground erosion at key points around and under the play equipment. Place a mat under the each swing, at the end of the slide or at other points where the children will be most likely to walk as they get on and off the play equipment.


We do recommend that our play equipment is placed on grass, not a hard surface and that there is a clearance of approximately 1.5m around the structure and 2.0m behind swings. Play equipment in the garden does not really require special safety surfacing if on grass however as stated above it will minimise the risk of injury should a child fall and prevent ground erosion.


The mats are flexible and able to be laid on contoured surfaces with the large holes offering sufficient drainage. They are also wheelchair friendly and can withstand all weathers and extreme temperatures.


If it’s a very wet day and the ground has become particularly muddy – the mats will continue to be a surface that can be walked over.


The grass grows through the mats and can be cut as normal requiring minimum maintenance and keeping the natural look of the garden. Over time the mats will not be visible as the grass grows through them.


Many of the pictures on this website show installations with mats in place.


Here are our recommended amounts of mats required for our products:

Single Swing Frame 1 mat

Double Swing Frame, – 2 mats

Triple Swing Frame, Double Swing Frame with Extension – 3 mats

Triple Swing Frame with Extension – 4 mats

For Swing Frames with Climbing Frames we recommend one mat under each swing and also one under any Swing Extension.

For all of our Forts, Play Houses and other similar Towers we recommend a mat is placed at the end of any slide and at the bottom of steps as children often go down the slide and up the steps hence creating a lot of ground erosion at these points. Other than that the preference for mats is up to you and will depend on how much you wish to protect the grass and how much budget you have available. One at the foot of any climbing wall would be highly recommended.

Do call the office on 01577 840570 for further guidance on how many mats are ideal for your garden if you’re not too sure – or just email us on

We are always more than happy to help!



heavy duty recycled rubber


1.5 x 1.0m

23mm thick