Baby High Back Seat : No 12


The Baby High Back Seat is the first swing seat to introduce babies to swinging.

Constructed from hard durable plastic this seat will allow the baby to feel safe and supported.

The front post can be raised and lowered to make it easier for the child to be put in and taken out of the swing.

The Baby High back Seat is only suitable for use with constant adult supervision and the child must be strapped in at all times. (straps are included)

This seat is for domestic use only and is suitable for children age 9 months old and up to the age of 36 months.

Our swings are easy to change so why not order a selection of swing seats so that they can be changed to suit the age and ability of the children using the swing set.

The rope ladder can be fitted onto any of our swing sets with double swing points.

Information on choosing swing seats for different types of swing points is available here.

If you need any information about using any of our swing seats, how to fix them to the swing frame and how to order then please call us on 01577 840570 or email and we will do our best to help.



Hard durable plastic

Poly hemp ropes

Safety harness with plastic fastener

Zinc coated steel ring at end of ropes to attach to swing points (swing points not included with swing seats)

Zinc coated steel adjusting buckles



width: 36cm

height: 34cm

inside width: 27cm

inside front to back: 24cm

width of leg holes: 10cm

height of leg holes: 13cm


Optional Accessories