Tumble Bar – Standalone x 2 : TBR – S2


This Tumble Bar – Standalone x 2 is basically two of our lovely and popular Tumble Bars side by side for twice the fun.

Have competitions with your friends. Enjoy the challenge of the different heights – (which you can pre-specify) and enjoy the fun that this product has to offer.

Made from pressure treated round timbers this Tumble Bar – Standalone x 2 is of a high quality and is made to last.

The stainless steel cross bars have a very smooth finish for easy tumbling and can be set at any height between 0.9 and 1.3m.

The tumble bar is supported by three machine-rounded 12cm diameter posts which are fitted with heat-sealed bitumen sleeves at ground level to help prevent against timber rot making the product longer lasting. The posts much be concreted into the ground to ensure stability.

Grass Safety Mats under the product will reduce the risk of injury should a child fall.

The recommended age for our tumbling bars is three years and over however the cross bars can be set at any height so they could be set lower when first installed and then placed in a higher position as the children grow.

This product can be delivered to your door for you to install or we can send one of our install teams to install it for you. For information about installation please email logistics@caledoniaplay.com.

Contact the office on 01577 840570 or email info@caledoniaplay.com to ask for more detailed information about installation and delivery.

Would you like to get this product for your local school? The product listed here is only suitable for domestic gardens, however we also do an even more robust version which complies with the EN1176 playground equipment standard for products installed in schools and commercial organisations. Take a look at it here.


1.2m Stainless steel bars

three machine-rounded 12cm diameter posts impregnated with wax

post saver sleeves fitted on each post at the point beneath the ground to help prevent rot that might otherwise occur


1.2m Stainless steel bar x 2

3 x Posts 2.0m in length, minimum 600mm concreted in ground so max post height above ground is 1.4m.

Bars installed minimum of 100mm from top of pole – so max height of 1.3m for tumble bar.

Free space/clearance is 1.5m in all directions