Hales Hill Farm Caravan Park, Yorkshire

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Services Provided

Caledonia Play installed the following:

Family Basket Swing
This has a timber frame constructed with 10cm diameter machine-rounded legs that are fitted with heat-sealed bitumen sleeves and extend into the ground. The legs support a top swing beam of 14cm diameter.

The all black 1.2m basket swing is supported by cast stainless universal swing joints with washer plates and safety chains.
The basket is designed to carry up to a tonne and is certificated for people with additional support needs.

Double Swing Frame
The Standard Double Swing Frame is 4.0m long, 2.2m wide and 2.5m high. The top pole is 14cm diameter with 12cm diameter frame legs, which are fitted with galvanised metal legs and are concreted into the ground.

The swing points are heavy duty stainless steel and the swings are at a minimum height of 40cm.

It was decided that 1 Flat Seat and Toddler Cradle Seat would be a good option for the swing seats to allow children of all ages to make use of the swings.

4-Person Seesaw
A traditional timber seesaw unit suitable for the whole family.
The seesaw has a metal galvanised pivot column, four rubber seats with individual stainless-steel grip handles, and shock absorbing cushions at either end of the seesaw.

Single Activity Tower
We designed and built a Single Activity Tower to be suitable for children aged 5-14 years.
The tower is 1.24m x 1.24m with a 1.47m deck height.
A lower platform has a bench seat and is partly enclosed with balustrades providing a den or quiet area below the main platform. Timber legs are fitted with metal extension legs which restrict ground moisture affecting the timbers.

The final tower has a 3.0m HDPE Slide as the main exit point.
Access to the tower is via a Climbing Ramp or Jungle Ladder with Rope Handrail. A Climbing Rock Wall offers a more challenging way onto the tower.

The tower offers the possibility to be expanded in future years should the budget allow. Alternatively, other smaller products such as Somersault Bars or Seating and Planters are small items that can be added to the play area in future years as the campsite expands.

Safety Surfacing
Grass Safety Mats were placed under and around key areas around all the play equipment. The grass grows through the mats so that they are no longer visible but are still minimising the risk of injury and preventing erosion at key areas around the equipment.

Post Installation Inspection
The British and European safety standard BS EN1176 and the Health and Safety Executive strongly recommend that all play areas have at least one inspection every year from an independent suitably qualified body.

We provided an independent and unbiased inspection by an RPII-qualified inspector.

A fully comprehensive written safety and maintenance report was also provided with full photographic documentation and a list of recommended actions, as required, to ensure the site continues to conform to EN1176 and EN1177.

This accompanied the Handover Pack.

Services provided by client
Access to water supply
Clear access and parking for the delivery vehicles
Access into the area at any point in the working day.
Ability to leave on site waste/top soil

Budget: undisclosed

Hales Hill Farm Caravan Park is a small, family-run site on a working 60-acre farm on which you can explore the riverbank, paths, and meadows.

It is set in a beautiful, quiet riverside location only 6 miles from the centre of York.

The owners of the caravan park were looking to create some outdoor play provision that would suit a variety of ages and abilities and keep children occupied for hours at a time.

As the caravan park was in a beautiful rural setting it was fitting that our wooden play equipment was installed as it would blend into the natural surroundings. The robust timbers used are pressure-treated with non-arsenic preservative salts and impregnated with wax. This provides a more repellent surface so reducing water absorption and delaying future rotting of the timber.


  • A beautiful setting
    A beautiful setting
  • Activity tower showing the Climbing Wall and Jungle Ladder
    Activity tower showing the Climbing Wall and Jungle Ladder
  • Activity Tower showing Slide and Climbing Ramp
    Activity Tower showing Slide and Climbing Ramp
  • Four person Seesaw
    Four person Seesaw
  • Doule Swing Frame with Toddler Seat and Flat Seat
    Doule Swing Frame with Toddler Seat and Flat Seat
  • Basket Swing
    Basket Swing
  • Basket Swing
    Basket Swing
  • Basket Swing
    Basket Swing