Garden Play Castle with Extension : GPCX


Here is Caledonia Play’s wonderful Garden Play Castle with Extension which is a climbing unit with a large swing extension on one side.

The tower unit element is a two-layered tower with access ladder and a 3.0m long high-density polyethylene wave slide.


The swing extension has two double swing points on the main frame and a single swing point on the extended part. This robust and solid product is large and heavy and does not require to be anchored into the ground.


The two sets of double swing points allow for a range of swing seats to be used allowing children and adults of all ages, sizes and abilities to use the product at the same time.


The swing seats are bought separately. You will need to choose two swings with double swing points and one swing with a single swing point. Further information on choosing swing seats for different types of swing points is available here.


By adding fun play accessories such as the Telescope, Steering Wheel, Camo Net or Periscope, a whole new world of imaginary play is opened up.

As an extra treat add the Tumble Bar on the side.

This Garden Play Castle with Extension is a lovely robust timber product which is made to last and will give pleasure for many years.

The standard configuration is as shown – it is not possible to have the swing extension coming out from the other side of the castle.


Delivery: Please note that due to the size and weight of this product delivery can be up to 4 weeks. At certain times of the year it may be slightly longer – please call the office on 01577 840570 to see when one of our team will be in your area and for an estimate of delivery time.


“Today we have had a fabulous castle/swing built in our garden – we have had excellent service. It was erected in just a few hours by the team, seemingly effortlessly! Excellent customer service, and a lovely team. 3 elated kids after school today – thank you Caledonia Play!” Nicola Brown via Facebook



The GPC tower is constructed with 6 legs, (8cm machine rounded timber) with a set of cross bars and 9 pre-assembled panels to create a secure and stable tower structure. All the timbers have been pressure treated and impregnated with wax, providing a more repellent surface so reducing water absorption and delaying future rotting of the timber.

The design allows for a ground floor house and an upper observation platform.

Tower platform floor is machined redwood decking position 1.4m above ground level.

All steps are positioned 25cm apart and have red safety bushes between the rungs and ladder sides.

All steps have safety spacers between the rungs and ladder sides

The swing element is a standard double swing frame which is a 12cm diameter top pole supported by two 10cm diameter legs. The top pole accommodates two sets of double swing points and is then further extended with a single swing point added on.

Top pole is secured with 17mm timber bolts and 13mm timber bolts are used at all other points, - located into pre-drilled recessed holes.

2.5m spread between the 10cm diameter legs – very stable.

8cm diagonal bracing bars have 2 fixing points at end of the bar

Assembled tower size 1.0 x 2.0 x 3.0m high.

The tallest tower is 1.0 x 1.0m with a roof size of approximately 1.2 x 1.2m.

Overall product size including the slide is 5.5m x 3.5 m and is 3.0m high.

3.0m high-density polyethylene green wave slide

Delivery size 2.5 x 1.0 x 1.0m high.



Length: 5.0m | Width: 4.0m | Height: 3.0m including slide and swing extension

Length: 2.0m | Width: 1.0m | Height: 3.0m tower unit only

The tallest tower is 1.0 x 1.0m with a roof size of approximately 1.2 x 1.2m

Please note: dimensions are approximate and for guidance only.