Spare Parts

We can provide spare parts for any of our pieces of play equipment as required. Spare parts can be anything from bolts and swing points to a new top bar, a new set of legs for a swing frame or a new net for a net frame. This enables you to replace any parts that may need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

We also offer Playground Inspections and Maintenance checks should you be uncertain if a part of the play equipment needs to be replaced. We have registered and certificated RPII inspectors as part of our team who are able to carry out maintenance checks and they will be able to advice you if a particular part needs to be replaced or if it will last for a few more years or so. If you’d like to speak to somebody about our Spare Parts Service or our Playground Inspections and Maintenance checks then please call 01577 840570.

If you need advice on the spare part that you require then please contact us on