How do we maintain the equipment once we have it installed?

Products are supplied with information and advice to allow you to carry out regular maintenance of your equipment once it has been installed. Although our equipment is relatively low maintenance, all play equipment should be inspected on a regular basis in accordance with BS EN 1176. In addition to routine daily visual and monthly operational inspections carried out by you, a fuller main annual inspection should also be carried out. Our team are RPII qualified and we offer an annual inspection service if required. Please contact us for a quotation. Our warranty excludes normal wear and tear, vandalism and accidental damage.

How do I arrange a site visit by one of your sales team?

Where possible, we are happy to come and do a site visit to your organisation so that we can advise you on the most appropriate play equipment.

Email sales@caledoniaplay.com to arrange a suitable date and time.

Please note – we are not always able to visit organisations that are outwith our sales team area.

Is your equipment safe?

As members of RoSPA we take playground safety seriously. However, we also believe it is important for children to experience challenges and evaluate risk. We are encouraged by the movement toward risk benefit assessment and will take into account the principles, ensuring a balance when creating or developing a playground. All our equipment is designed and manufactured to meet (and often exceed) the requirements of European Safety Standard EN 1176. Where appropriate equipment is independently tested and carries TUV certification for compliance with EN 1176 and EN 1177.

What materials do you use?


Our timbers are slow grown, pressure treated and waxed. Main posts are quarter sawn and machine rounded with chamfered edges to reduce splinters.


Either galvanised or powder coated stainless steel.

Ropes and Nets

We use steel cored multi strand nylon ropes designed specifically for the playground and leisure environment.

What warranty is there on the products?

All our timbers carry a seven year warranty against rot.

Metal products are either galvanised or powder coated stainless steel and carry a one year warranty.

Our steel cored multi strand nylon ropes are specifically designed for the playground and leisure environment and carry a one year warranty.

Normal wear and tear applies – acts of vandalism and accidental damage are excluded from our warranty.

Warranty does not cover re-installation costs on failed components.

Do we need safety surfacing?

Children may fall from even the safest piece of equipment when playing in any play area. The purpose of safety surfacing is to cushion the impact and reduce the severity of an injury resulting from an accidental fall.

We offer a range of playground safety surfacing to suit your particular site, including grass safety mats, rubber wetpour, synthetic grass and various types of loose fill. All our products meet the requirements of EN 1176 and EN 1177 for public use play areas.

When can we expect our products to be installed after placing an order?

For installations, please note that lead times are averaging six to eight weeks from date of order. You can expect your products to be installed within that time.

Where are you based and what area do you cover?

We’re based near Kinross in Central Scotland, and cover the majority of the UK – we have delivered and installed our equipment as far north as Thurso and as far south as Devon.

Our address is:

Caledonia Play

Old Mill

South Street




KY13 9XB

56°13’21.7″N 3°25’20.9″W


Do you offer help with fundraising?

There are many different options for sourcing funding for the playground development. We can advise on sources of grants and funding providers and can assist in your fundraising efforts by producing images and plans if required. If initially funds are only available for part of your plans we are able to design phased schemes to get the development going and to encourage future fundraising.

Do you sell spare parts?

Spare parts are available on request. Please contact the office on 01577 840570 or email us on logistics@caledoniaplay.com for more information.

Do you have a brochure?

We have a printed brochure that we can send out to you. Please use our contact form.

Alternatively – view the brochure online here.

Is artificial grass a sufficient safety surface?

Artificial grass needs an impact absorbing surface to minimise the risk of injury should the person using the play equipment fall.

We always recommend a shock absorbent under layer which is designed for use under play equipment to be used under artificial grass.

What are Postsaver Sleeves?

Timber posts have a tendency to rot at the point where they enter the ground – the ground line section. This is now preventable by fitting a postsaver sleeve to the vulnerable part. This will keep the causes of ground rot out and the preservative in, ensuring that the new piece of equipment will last for many years. Metal feet can also be attached to ensure the timber is preserved and to prevent against vandalism to some degree.

We use postsaver sleeves or metal feet as standard on all the products that are sunk into the ground.

More detailed information on the benefits and uses of Postsaver sleeves is available here.

How do I contact the sales team?

To contact the sales team please phone 01577 840570 or alternatively email sales@caledoniaplay.com.

We have a dedicated sales team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our extensive range of products.


Where can we store our MagPost?

Due to the nature of Robinia wood if the MagPost is kept indoors it will dry out and cracks will increase in number and size – keep your MagPost permanently outside or in an unheated shed.

Do you attend any exhibitions and shows?

Yes – we attend many shows across the UK.

To view the shows we have booked for 2024, please follow this link.

Do you have an environmental policy?

Our environmental policy is that alongside our belief that every child has a right to play, we are committed to doing our part to ensure the future of our planet. We only use timbers from sustainably managed sources and many products carry FSC or PEFC Chain of Custody Certification. Timber is a renewable resource, recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable.