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Lagnakeil Highland Lodges

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Services Provided

Junior Basket Swing
The Junior Basket Swing is specifically designed for smaller children to enjoy. It is constructed with robust, 14cm diameter quarter-sawn timber legs which are set 2.0m apart.
The legs are fitted with heat-sealed bitumen Postsaver sleeves to prevent rot at the ground line.
All fittings are stainless steel and the 1.0m diameter basket is a heavy-duty galvanised-steel ring, cushioned and secured with steel-core multi-strand 16mm herculean net rope.

Timber Clatter Bridge
The Timber Clatter Bridge 3.0m long and is designed for children of all ages and abilities.
Hanging boards are suspended from the handrail with stainless steel chains and and they wobble when the bridge is walked over. Metal feet are provided for concreting into the ground.
Solid timber handrails help to assist the transition from one end of the bridge to the other.

Parallel Wires
The Parallel Wires unit is 3.0m long by 2.2m high, with stainless steel fixtures and fittings. This is perfect for a balancing and traversing challenge with one rope to walk along and the second, higher up, to use for balance. There is a stepping log at either end to act as a starting point. The large solid upright timbers are concreted into the ground, and all timber is pressure-treated and impregnated with wax.
The Parallel wires were installed beside the Striding Timber Stilts so that they created a mini agility trail.

Striding Timber Stilts
These stilts are 1.8m in height and 14cm in diameter with a solid timber stepping logs at the base of each stilt.
The stilts provide a balancing and traversing challenge and were installed a set of 6.

Horseshoe Balance
The Horseshoe Balance contains 10 stepping logs situated on either end of a 2.5m long balance beam. These are arranged in a horseshoe shape to provide a balance and coordination challenge to traverse, as well as unique seating area for children and young adults to congregate and socialise.

The MagPost is ideally suited for a natural area as it encourages children to explore and find different items to investigate, encouraging the inquisitive mind. The Robinia post is extremely durable and with the 5x magnifying glass secured on top, children can explore in more detail natural things they find close by.
Two MagPosts were set at different heights so that smaller children can also enjoy using them.

Grass Safety Mats
Grass Safety Mats are an appropriate impact absorbing surface that meets EN 1177 when located on a grass surface. The mats are flexible and prevent ground erosion in heavily used areas.
Over time the mats will not be visible as grass grows through them, and mowing can be carried out over the mats.

Post Installation Inspection

We provided an independent and unbiased inspection by an RPII-qualified inspector. A fully comprehensive written safety and maintenance report was also provided with full photographic documentation and a list of recommended actions, as required, to ensure the site continues to conform to EN1176 and EN1177.
This accompanied the Handover Pack.

Services to be provided by client

Access to water supply.
Clear access and parking for the delivery vehicles.
Access into the area at any point in the working day.
Responsibility of the client to ensure children and the public are kept clear of the equipment and the working area.
Ability to leave on-site waste and topsoil.

Budget: undisclosed Download Case Study

Lagnakeil Highland Lodges are situated close to a stunning sea loch on Scotland’s west coast.

The self catering lodges site are scattered high on the wooded hillside offering stunning views across Scottish glens.

Caledonia Play was approached to install play equipment that would blend well into the surroundings and that would require minimal future maintenance.


  • Lagnakeil is situated in a beautiful Scottish Glen
    Lagnakeil is situated in a beautiful Scottish Glen
  • Parallel Wires and Striding Stilts
    Parallel Wires and Striding Stilts
  • Junior Basket Swing
    Junior Basket Swing
  • Chilcren enjoying the parallel wires
    Chilcren enjoying the parallel wires
  • Timber Clatter bridge
    Timber Clatter bridge
  • Balance Beam with Stepping Logs
    Balance Beam with Stepping Logs
  • MagPost
  • MagPost