MagPost – Large : MP-1.3(C)


Our unique (patented) Large MagPost  incorporates a scientific quality 5x magnifying glass on a hardwood post. This along with it’s accessibility makes it an ideal means for exploring the natural world and encouraging experimentation to stimulate a child’s knowledge of science through play.

This is the largest of our MagPosts and stands 80cm above ground when installed and is suitable for children age five and older.

This product is concreted into the ground and is a permanent outdoor feature.

Place a number of these along a woodland trail as way markers.

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“Just a thank you for the Mag Post in Cleish field. My grandchildren love to have bug hunts down there and see what the mini beasts they find look like under the magnifying glass. It’s a great way to spend some time when out for a walk, hopefully they learn something too.”

Glendoick Garden Centre play area has a Large MagPost as part of their outdoor visitor attractions.

Take a look at a little boy having a peek in the MagPost at Spey Bay Community Hall on their Facebook page before the safety surfacing on the play area was even completed!

Our MagPosts also featured in an award winning show garden at RHS Hampton Court. Read the news story here!



1 x Robinia timber post

5 x scientific quality magnifying lens

all screws have anti-vandal square drive head screws




lens mount size:10 x 10cm

installed: 80cm above the ground, 50cm below the ground

We are unable to offer online ordering of this product.

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