Bespoke Tree Decks : CP-BES DECK


Our Bespoke Tree Decks make use of an existing tree to create a unique vantage point for visitors to enjoy. We will do a site visit and give guidance on the most appropriate tree that can be used.

The bespoke structure developed will inevitably enhance the site and be a long-term asset.

Sometimes tree decks are created to allow visitors to your tourist destination to view gardens from above offering a new perspective. Flowers and shrubs can often look more amazing when looked down on rather than from eye level.

Although this product is described as a tree deck it can also be a raised platform that is not placed around any tree. We can create a high vantage point that feels as though you are in the trees without actually placing the deck around any tree specifically.

Our Bespoke Tree Decks are able to have a variety of access and exit points as required however the most popular configuration is a set of sturdy access steps with a good strong hand rail at one end of the deck and a lovely long slide as an exit point. This allows younger children to have fun exiting while the less adventurous can still exit the platform safely using the steps and handrails provided.

We offer a range of stainless steel slides if preferred.

If you would like a member of our sales team to do a site visit or for any more information please email



pressure treated wax imnpregnated European pine or Robinia hardwood timbers are used as required

all fixtures and fittings are quality steel and comply to all the relevant safety requlations


sizes vary