Den Poles : CP-CNPP


These are a set of quality 12cm diameter timber poles set into the ground a small distance away from each other.


Each pole has all sharp edges planed and sanded. Galvanised steel eyebolts (1 x 10 cm from the top and 1 x 20 cm from the top), allow sails, sheeting or camouflage nets to be attached in order to create a canopy. This can be useful to create shade on sunnier days or to give some protection from the rain on wet days.


The canopies are not supplied with the poles as standard. Contact to find out about our range of canopies and camouflage nets.


Visually, the canopies are very striking, add colour, and create a focal point in any outdoor space.


The poles have heat-sealed bitumen sleeves at the point where they enter the ground to prevent rot that might otherwise occur, and are securely concreted in for stability.


Some poles may be installed with 2.0m visible above the ground and others with 1.8m of timber above the ground in order to create a more interesting configuration.


Configurations involving a larger amount and varying sizes of poles are available – just ask.


Timber is a renewable resource, recyclable and biodegradable, and only timbers from sustainably-managed sources are used.



Quality pressure -treated timbers.
Galvanised steel eyebolts with threaded bar, countersunk and capped.


12cm diameter

H: 2.0, 1.8m