Embankment Products : CP-EMB(C)


We provide a range of embankment products for outdoor play areas and swing parks that can be placed on inclined surfaces or raised areas to take advantage of the difference in height.


These include the following:

Stainless Steel Slide

Scramble Net

Embankment Climbing Rock Wall

Ramp with Pull Rope or Pull Chains


Each unit is permanently concreted in and we can also create steps up to the top of the slope if required. They can be used as part of an outdoor agility trail or just as a fun addition to any outdoor play area where there is a slope.


In order to help prevent wood rot at the place where the timber is in contact with the ground, we add heat-sealed bitumen sleeves or steel feet to the bottom of the timber uprights before installing.

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CP-EMB – Embankment Products – Info Sheet


all quality products, stainless steel fixtures and fittings, quality rope, bitumen sleeves on the posts to prevent rot, durable plastic spacers


sizes vary depending on the size and angle of the embankment