Hanging Ropes Traverse : CP-HRT(C)


The Hanging Ropes Traverse are a series of vertical ropes suspended from a high horizontal cross piece. Lower down is a horizontal wire for traversing along. The wire is attached to two large upright 14cm diameter timbers are which are concreted into the ground. The timbers are fitted with protective Postsaver sleeves at the point where they enter the ground.

This product is more suitable for older children and adults and is excellent for developing upper body strength as well as balance and coordination.

We recommend placing grass safety mats at key points around this product to minimise ground erosion.

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2 x 14cm diameter pressure treated wax inpregnated timbers

high quality steel cored multi strand nylon ropes

steel fixtures and fittings


length: 3.0m

height: 2.2m

We are unable to offer online ordering of this product.

Optional Accessories