Hexagonal Planter Seating : CP-HXP(E)


Hexagonal Planter Seating combines a large central planter with bench seating set in a circular formation.

It is made from pressure treated timbers and is a nice focal point to an outdoor space and often used as part of a sensory garden area.

This product is particularly well suited to tarmac playgrounds as it offers both seating and a large amount of greenery in one.

In the earlier part of the year the planters can add a much welcome splash of colour with spring bulbs such as crocuses, daffodils and tulips. Alternatively – plant out with heathers and other evergreens for greenery all year round and combine with a selection of sweet smelling flowers.

We can advise on the best location for your planter seating in relation to other products in the playground.

The benefit of this seating formation is that it allows the user to choose which direction they would like to face when they sit – maybe to face the sun or to watch friends in the playground.

Should the playground be on a slope then we will be able to adjust the shape along the bottom of the planter to accommodate this to make sure that the seating is still level and will not be difficult to sit on due to the sloping playground.

We will also be happy to modify the size of the product to accommodate a more specific age group of children if required.

Pop a MagPost into the planter to encourage learning about natural objects.

Please contact sales@caledoniaplay.com for further information.


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