Outdoor Play Shelter : CP-OPS


This product is a high quality outdoor play shelter which is suitable for children and people of all ages to enjoy.


It is ideal for schools and nurseries as part of the outdoor play provision or as an outdoor classroom.


The floor space is 3.0m by 2.2m and the unit is enclosed on three sides.


This product can be modified with additional seating, an access ramp, or sliding door if required. Or turn it into a covered outdoor sandpit by covering the floor with play sand.


The roof is constructed using quality overlapping panels with dressed timber end cap timbers for a clean finish.


Timber is a renewable resource, recyclable and biodegradable, and only timbers from sustainably-managed sources are used.


Quality timber sides, roof with overlapping panels with dressed timber end end caps


L: 3.0m W: 2.21m H: 2.70m