Planter with Wheelchair Access : CP-WPL(E)


The Planter with Wheelchair Access offers the outdoor gardening experience to all.

It is constructed using pressure-treated square-sawn timbers and is available in two sizes.

Use this product as part of the outdoor learning curriculum to introduce younger pupils to the basic parts of a flowering plant – the root, stem, leaf and flower as well as pollination. A semi-permeable liner ensures that water will flow through the planter to keep the plants moist, however the water can run through it which prevents puddles forming.

The Planter with Wheelchair Access is available in more than one size. The small size is just perfect for children’s wheelchairs to tuck underneath. The larger one is able to accommodate a full-sized wheelchair.

There is a shelved area which can be used to keep things such as trowels, seeds, watering cans etc to hand while the lower section can contain the plants and the compost or alternatively – fill the entire planter with compost and plants, flowers and shrubs.

Use in conjunction with other planters available including our ever popular Throne Planter. The Throne Planter is a combination of seating and planters in one. It is made from pressure treated timbers and is a nice focal point to an outdoor space and often used as part of a sensory garden area by adding flowers and plants that have a strong scent and vibrant colours.

As shown in the images – this product can also be made using pressure-treated half-round timbers. Contact the sales team on for a price.

A MagPost will further aid outdoor learning by allowing children to examine things they find in nature in close detail.

Standard Wheelchair Planter (1.5*0.9m, 870mm high, 725mm aperture) £925.00

Taller Wheelchair Planter (1.5*0.9mm, 970mm, 830mm aperture) £975.00


Pressure-treated wax-impregnated square sawn and/or half round timbers


sizes will vary as required