Playground Planters : CP-PLA(E)


Playground Planters are very large planters constructed of timber. They can take up a large proportion of a tarmac area turning it into a very pleasing green space.

Willow works well in these large planters to create tunnels for the children to walk through.

They can also be used to partition off various sections of the playground to create different areas.

Pop in a few MagPosts to encourage detailed examination of natural objects.

We can do a site visit to help you determine the best size and configuration of playground planters for your school or nursery. For further information on our Playground Planters email or call the office on 01577 840570 to speak to one of our sales tea.

Take a look at our educational play gallery to see a selection of images of our products installed in the school and nursery setting.

From £120.00


large timber planters constructed from wax impregnated pressure treated European soft wood


sizes will vary