Push Me Pull You : PMPY


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The Push Me Pull You is a set of two seats facing each other so that when one person goes forwards – the other goes backwards.

Our Push Me Pull You has been designed for children to use although it is strong enough to take the weight of an average adult. This allows them to swing with a small child to maintain eye contact and help them feel safe if they are unsure. Popular with children of all ages including teenagers.

Due to it’s robust design it is also possible for one person to use the Push Me Pull You on their own.

Constructed from quality pressure treated timber – this product is made to last.

The Push Me Pull You PMPY can be fitted onto the central section of the frames or onto the extensions of some of the larger Swing Frames so that there is enough weight on the opposite end of the product to be completely stable. The best frames for the Push Me Pull You are:

Triple Swing Frame with Extension TFX

Single Swing Frame with Net Frame and Extension SFNX

Double Swing Frame with Net Frame and Extension DFNX

Triple Swing Frame with Net frame and Extension TFNX

Also any of the extensions on the Family Basket Swings

All of the following swing seats also have a single swing point and fit on any of the extensions on either the swing frame or net frame :

Monkey Button No 44

Vertical Tyre No 10

Climbing Rope No 25

Hammock Seat SHS

Twizzler No 45

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two seats facing each other mounted on vertical timbers suspended from a bracket which fits onto the top pole


height: 2.35m

width: 850mm

seat height from ground: 600mm

seat length: 245mm

seat thickness: 20mm