Robinia Basket Swing : RB-BS


The Robinia Basket Swing is a robust product suitable for swing parks across all sectors. The Robinia timber frame is extremely strong and durable.  The irregular nature of Robinia makes it very attractive blending in well in play setting for hotels, caravan parks and tourist destinations.

The heavy duty basket is constructed of a galvanised steel ring and herculean net rope.

The Basket Swing has been designed to take several young children, or a couple of adults, and is ideally suited for children and adults with special needs. It is also popular with parents of smaller children as they can accompany them on the swing. The Basket Swing encourages social and interactive play and can be a standalone feature for any organisation that is looking to attract more visitors.

We are happy to advise on the most appropriate safety surfacing for your requirements.

Robinia is a hard wood, with a greater density than oak, and therefore requires no pressure treatment making it ideal for producing playground equipment. It differs from other types of timber in a number of ways and offers the following additional benefits:

Natural shape
The timber retains the natural shape of the tree, so it blends well with the natural environment.

Every piece of equipment created from Robinia wood is individual.

The dense nature of the wood makes it difficult to cut or burn.

Not chemically treated
This makes it suitable for sites with a high water table as the timber contains no preservative chemicals.

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robinia timber frame

galvanised steel ring and herculean net rope basket



basket: 1.2m diameter