Hammock : CP-HS


The Hammock is constructed with black herculean rope woven into a net suspended between hardwood stretchers. These are supported at either end by a robust timber pole, which is angled to provide better support. The chain and pivot points attached the hammock to the poles are stainless steel. The overall length is 4.0m with the poles at a height of 1.98m and the width is 1.1m.


The Hammock can be grouped with other hammocks around a central tree, or in another arrangement. It is suitable for children ages 5+ to enjoy as part of the outdoor seating provision for relaxation and for private study, reading or just listening to music.

The Hammock conforms t0 EN1176 (Part 1) with a fall space of 5.17 x 4.10m which requires surfacing of 19.2m².

This product is cemented into the ground for stability and we recommend 9 grass safety mats are placed at key points under and around this product to help prevent against ground erosion.


Please email sales@caledoniaplay.com for more information on safety surfacing around this product or more specific product specifications.


Getting children outside has so many benefits and it is our pleasure to be able to help you to do this.


herculean rope mesh hammock

stainless steel fixtures

European pine timber poles



length: 4.0m

width:  1.1m

height: 1.98m

poles secured 1.0m into the ground

pole length 3.0m

14cm diameter poles