Toddler Cradle Swing Seat : RT-CSS


The Toddler Cradle Swing Seat provides plenty of support to make the child feel secure as it swings.

It provides a comfortable seating surface and comes in red and blue as standard.

The lower edge in the openings where the legs pass through the cradle seat should not be placed more than 600mm above the ground or standing surface.

We are also able to give guidance on the best safety surfacing for your under your swings from grass mats to bonded rubber surfacing. The grass safety mats are a popular method of safety surfacing that also protects the ground from extra erosion. They can be laid on top of grass which will grow through and can be cut in the normal way. The mats are flexible and able to be laid on contoured surfaces with the large holes offering sufficient drainage. They are also wheelchair friendly and can withstand all weathers and extreme temperatures. Over time the mats will not be visible as the grass grows through them.

The bonded rubber surfacing can be placed on existing tarmac or concrete. It has excellent impact absorption and anti-slip properties and is available in a variety of thicknesses. Many colours are available and tailor-made patterns can be created around specific products in the play area or to mark out sports courts.

Please contact or call 01577 840570 and ask to speak to a member of the commercial sales team.


rubber compound cradle seat with aluminium reinforcements


We are unable to offer online ordering of this product.

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