Toddler Tower : MICRO-K7(C)


This robust, lower-level tower unit has been specially designed and manufactured for the junior section of outdoor play parks. It is constructed using quarter-sawn pressure-treated timber with a sanded finish.


It has a free fall height of 0.4m.


Toddler Tower for Play Parks is configured with three sections, of which two are open and one is enclosed. the enclosed section is effectively a small tunnel with dome windows on either side. Access to the tower is via a sloping ramp with rock grips and the exit is via another ramp or a slide.


The unit will need to be secured into the ground with extended legs if it is to be part of a public play area.

We are happy to create the tower with the elements in different positions to allow the layout to suit the space available.

Contact the sales team on for further information and prices according to your choice of tower.




HDPE panels and slide (where applicable)

Pressure-treated timbers with a smooth sanded finish

Quality stainless-steel fixtures and fittings



MICRO-7 Tower with Ramp

L: 2.84m W: 1.34m H: 1.07m

Free Space Required: L: 5.84m W: 4.29m

Safety Surfacing Area Required: 22m2

Largest Part Size: L: 1.5m W: 0.12m


MICRO-7 Tower with Slide

L: 2.88m W: 1.86m H: 1.27m

Free Space Required: L: 5.84m W: 5.15m

Safety Surfacing Area Required: 25m2

Largest Part Size: L: 1.5m W: 0.12m