Traversing Net : CP-TN(C)


The Traversing Net is a vertical net suspended between upright timbers with a top pole for extra strength. Constructed from high quality pressure treated timbers this product is robust and made to last.

Use as part of an agility trail or as a standalone feature in a play area.

All the upright poles have protective Postsaver sleeves on sections that are below the ground to help preserve the timber and are concreted into the ground.

We recommend the use of Grass Safety Mats at key points around the product to help prevent ground erosion.

For more information on any of our agility trail elements email or give our sales team a call on 01577 840570. They will be able to advise on delivery and installation costs and times as well as being able to help you choose the most suitable agility trail elements that is most appropriate for the age and ability of the children and young people who will be using them.



pressure treated and wax impregnated 14cm diameter timbers

high quality steel cored multi strand nylon ropes

steel fixtures and fittings



length: 3.0m

height: 2.2m