Weaving Ropes : CP-WVR(C)


Our Weaving Ropes for agility trails can also be used as one of the sides of our Agility Cube. The challenge is to traverse from one end to another without touching the ground and to weave in and out between the ropes in doing so.

These Weaving Ropes for agility trails are made from braided nylon rope which has a durable and extremely soft covering meaning the product is easier and more comfortable to handle than many other ropes in the play industry. The top quality connectors and fittings are made to endure years of play.

The ropes are typically suspended between two upright 14cm diameter timbers that are wax impregnated and pressure treated set 2.85m apart.

To find out more information about this product including price and installation costs please email sales@caledoniaplay.com or call the office on 01577 840570 and ask to speak to a member of our commercial sales team.



Steel reinforced herculean rope

Quality fixtures and fittings

M12 120mm eyebolts


1900mm vertical ropes x 4 set at 570mm apart

2850mm horizontal rope x 1