Wheelchair Roundabout 3 : MT-RNDW3


Our Wheelchair Roundabout 3 enables three people in wheelchairs and six people sitting on benches to have fun at the same time.

The carousel is equipped with a three point safety system as follows:

1 – Entrance gates in the open position block the rotation of the carousel. Rotation is possible only after closing all gates.

2 – Opening the gate while the carousel is turning causes the carousel to slow down and stop.

3 – Centrifugal brake prevents the carousel from rotating too quickly.

Wheelchair Roundabout 3 is equipped with two gates and each person inside roundabout can move or stop it using a circular disc in the middle of the roundabout.

The carousel won’t start with open gates therefore it is only possible to move the carousel once all gates are closed. The users on the roundabout are able to open gates by using one of the red handles located next to gates.

A centrifugal break system mounted inside the roundabout protects it against rotating too quickly.

The safety area required is 6.20 x 6.20m and the free fall height is 0.79m

This product conforms to safety standard EN 1176.

For more information about this product please contact sales@caledoniaplay.com or call the office on 01577 840567

Also available: Wheelchair Roundabout 2



1 x rotating platform

1 x middle circle which moving the roundabout

3 x double seats with the backrests

3 x places for wheelchair users

3 x gates

1 x integrated mechanism systems inside device: centrifugal brake system, drum braking system, gate lock system and locking system for carousel rotation in the case of non-closed gates.


Dimensions: 2.47 x 2.47 x 0.79m

Safety area: 6.47 x 6.47m

Free fall height: 0.79m