Why Our Kids Need To Get Outside More

Why Our Kids Need To Get Outside More – an interesting read

An interesting article in Huffpost UK highlights the need for UK children to be outside more – a theory that we very much support and encourage.

The article states that ‘More than one in nine children in England have not set foot in a park, forest, beach or any other natural environment for at least 12 months’ – one study has revealed. Another study showed that ‘the average British child spent less time outdoors than adult prisoners: 74% of children spent less than an hour in the fresh air, almost a third of children play outdoors for 30 minutes or less a day and one child in five doesn’t play outside at all.’

Children who regularly play outdoors have been shown to be happier, healthier, more confident and less anxious.

The article goes on to quote child psychologist Professor Tanya Byron: “The less children play outdoors, the less they learn to cope with the risks and challenges they will go on to face as adults… Nothing can replace what children gain from the freedom and independence of thought they have when trying new things out in the open.“

From a social viewpoint, playing outdoors improves children’s ability to play imaginatively and to cooperate and compromise with other kids. Emotional benefits include reduced aggression and increased happiness.

From a health perspective, outdoor play allows children’s bodies to produce vitamin D from its best natural source, the sunlight. Vitamin D enhances mood by helping to release serotonin in the brain. Children need healthy levels of serotonin for good mental health and development.

We very much encourage children to be outside: our ethos and the philosophy underpinning the company is that children have the right to play in a safe but natural environment that can also be physically challenging and mentally stimulating.

So whether you need us to help you create a quite outdoor place to sit, to build a large exciting bespoke tree house or just supply a single swing or sandpit – let us help you to get the kids outside and reap the many benefits outdoor play has to offer.

Read the full article here.

Banner picture credit: Peter Lourenco, Christopher Whyte and SolStock all via Getty Images