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When it comes to using Postsaver sleeves we are in good company!

We have been fitting Postsaver sleeves to many of our 14cm diameter timbers for a number of years. Postsaver sleeves keep the cause of the ground rot out and the preservative in, ensuring that the new piece of equipment will last for many years.

Timber posts have a tendency to rot at the point where they enter the ground – the ground line section. This is why we add a Postsaver sleeve to the vulnerable part. The sleeves create a tough dual layer barrier that keeps the moisture, oxygen and decaying organisms that are necessary for wood rot and decay, out of the timber. At the same time they prevent moisture flow between the timber and the soil that over time leads to leaching and a loss of preservative from the timber.

The Postsaver sleeve is simply placed over the ground line section of the timber post. The sleeve is then heated causing the liner to melt whilst the outer thermoplastic sleeve shrinks down tightly on to the post. Once cooled, the liner forms a watertight seal to the timber surface and also adheres the outer heavy duty thermoplastic sleeve to the wood to form a tough, durable, long lasting barrier. On installation around 5cm of sleeve is left above ground level with around 30cm below ground level. Timbers are generally sunk into the ground by 80cm.

As well as excluding the causes of rot and decay testing shows that in normal conditions the moisture content is generally below the 25% level that is necessary for wood rot to occur giving an additional level of assurance for your timbers. Postsaver sleeves are frequently used in the fencing industry in order to make the fences last considerably longer and be in less need of maintenance.

Postsaver sleeves are also used by the following organisations:

Forestry Commission

Network Rail


Environmental Agency

Go Ape

Balfour Beatty

Any questions about Postsaver sleeves and if they will be applied to your chosen product please email Alternatively, all the office on 01577 840570 and speak to a member of the sales team.

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